Thursday, August 9, 2007


Where: Zippys Nimitz (across from Hilo Hatties)

When: September 22, Saturday at 11am

We will have an ETSY sign on a table in the take out section!

Remember to bring some promo ideas and be prepared to have some fun!


Wendi said...

Someone I know has an ebusiness and one of the things her tiered business says to do is 100% personal use of the products you promote. Does anybody do this? I'm kinda bad about this, but I'm working on it.

Wendi said...

Also, where would it be best to have a dialog, here or via email or in the etsyhawaii street team posts?

sometimes senseless mom said...

hi wendi, i would think the best place to have a dialog would be the yahoo group site because we get notices via email. my girls promote the products i make but you know how it is...lose 'em all the time.

Etsy Hawaii Street Team said...

Aloha all!! I wear my jewelry all the time! Plus I tend to give it out as gifts and I get alot of word of mouth by friends and family... This is a great topic to bring up at the next meeting!