Thursday, August 2, 2007


Since I largely do Jewelry, I found this link which has tons of helpful advice on photos, marketing, sales etc.

Check it out!

Jewelry Business Success News

Do you have any helpful Links for your fellow Hawaii Etsiers?? If so, post them here!


Kathi said...

I've learned much from this site also! Great link! Can you include the link on our yahoo site also?

Keala Legacy Creations said...

Its been added! Check it out!

sometimes senseless mom said...

hi, i'd like to suggest a local web site for those who do not have a commercial brick and mortar location but do your etsy work from home. the web site is i can add your link for free. please feel free to contact me via the wahms website for more info and let me know that you are part of the hawaii street team. thanks.