Friday, September 7, 2007

ETSY Workshop... need your feedback!


Hi Keala.

I am going to the do the September 11 etsy workshop. They are looking for any input and contributions as to construct and operate etsy teams. Sort of a reference guide based on the experience of current teams. I assume Kathi received the same email, but I wanted to let you know for the blog update.

The problem here is with the timing, for I see you posted a meeting on the 17, and they have scheduled this workshop on the 11. What a great topic for the meeting this would have been! We need input as a team, and they want our artowrk and ideas. I emailed admin to see if I could get a few more specifics. I thought you would want to have the latest info.


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Etsy Hawaii Street Team said...


Dear Etsy Team Leader,

We're having an invite-only workshop for Etsy Team leaders on September 11, at noon eastern standard time - we hope you can make it!

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Amy Walsh (wonderamy), and I am the newest Team coordinator on Etsy, along with Sara (sarawearsskirts). Sara and I are now working closely together to put lots of superpowers into the Etsy teams. Yay!

Over the next couple of months we will be creating some new resources for Etsy teams, which will be available before AND after the launch of the new teams section (date TBA). One of our goals is to make and publish on the site a series of guides for street teams - fun, illustrated, amazing guides, with topics ranging from nuts and bolts of creating and running a team, to creative and unusual ways to promote your team, to tips and tricks about having effective team meetings, etc. (these are just a few of many possible themes).

The workshop on Sept. 11 will focus on your ideas for these guides...based on your experiences and successes as a team, and things you want to know more about as a team. We are not only seeking input, but contributors - we want your art, your stories, and your talents all over these things! They will be most successful as kind of an encyclopedia of our best exeprience and insights so far as a community.

So please come on the 11th at noon, if you can... and brainstorm with your teams about what kinds of guides you would like to see. No idea is too wacky! And please keep in mind that we want one, or maybe two people from each team only, so we can get as wide a range of teams included as possible without overfilling the room. If you can't make it, its OK to send someone else from your team.

Amy (wonderamy)